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  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (PCMB)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science (PCMC)
  • Languages: Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit

Current Scenario of Puc Science Education

  • Majority of the students are scoring high marks in PU Board examination but their ranking in NEET/IITJEE/CET and other entrance exams are not satisfactory.
  • Even after spending lot of money in PU educations and entrance coaching, parents have to pay donation to get seats in higher education courses. (Due to poor ranking in NEET/ IIT-JEE/ CET)
  • The students and their parents are having no proper information regarding various opportunities for professional courses after PUC Science.
  • Students choose the usual path after PUC, and end up with graduation in sub normal professional colleges and have to face heavy competition to get in to good job.
  • Students will be stressed due to nonstop marathon of classes without Personality Development, Counselling, Healthy environment and Recreational activities.

Our message to Parents

Choose a College for your child which,

  • Enables him / her to excel in entrance examination.
  • Has a team of experts who motivate and guide to achieve sure success in qualifying competitive exams.
  • Directs to choose a bright career courses after PUC.
  • Helps to have a good physical and mental health to excel in academics.

Our message to SSLC Students

  • Only high score in PU Board examination marks are not sufficient to enter into the best professional courses.
  • Infrastructure should provide the practical exposure, career guidelines, tips to strong health and be with you till you enter into professional courses.
  • Motivate you by inspiring interaction with successful professional personalities of various fields (Medical, Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary, IAS, KAS, etc.)